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You may give the Guard the keys of your main gate if it is his duty to provide access control. Do not give the Guard the keys of your car, home or office unless you have agreed with GYTO Management in writing that the Guard will take responsibility for the keys.
Physical supervision is carried out by a Mobile Supervisor. Depending on the area and customer this Supervisor may be permanently on site or visit at irregular times on a Bicycle, Motor Bike or Vehicle. We augment the supervision using a Guard Electronic Protection System (GEPS). The Guard will press a button every hour to show that there are no problems on the property. If he fails to press his button, we will receive a signal in the Control Room.
As most of the Supervision is done at night, you will not be aware that the Supervisor has visited. All Guards are issued with a Guard Book and the Supervisor will sign when he visits. Generally, the Supervisor will only alert you if there is an area of concern.
No. Guards can join a co-operative society and receive loans from it. We do not permit our Guards to ask for loans from customers and we strongly advise against giving them.
You need to augment your manned-security with physical protection such as strong burglar bars, a sound perimeter, an automatic alarm, security dogs, good lighting, proper security padlocks and sound procedures. We are always happy to visit and offer advice
We are always happy to change your guard for you. Simply call your nearest GYTO Customer Services Department and ask for a replacement
He has three basic functions: he is there to act as a deterrent; he will offer limited resistance if there is a threat; and finally he will raise the alarm in the event of an incident.

All Guards undergo Basic Training of 21 Days. This covers Search, Patrol, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Observation, Communication, Terrorism, Defensive Combat and more. Depending on the assignment, guards may be given additional specialist training. In addition all Guards are removed from the line each year for 20 hours of Refresher Training.

Accordion At some stage it is possible that your Guard will be delayed in reporting on duty or will be ill. Normally we know in advance but if you discover before we do that the Guard has not reported, please call the Control Room. We can normally have a replacement there within 45 minutes. Please do not use the Alarm Button as this can disrupt a real emergency. Content